Quaint is all about the imperfections

We spent a spectacular weekend at an Airbnb in Palm Springs: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/21486983

Truly lovely weekend. I actually went into a bit of a funk on reentry as we came home to gloomy, dark, sad weather, making the stay in Palm Springs so much the brighter.

One of the things we loved about our weekend was staying in an Airbnb. It was a mid-century style apartment complex that was turned into studios with small kitchens and updated bath. There was nothing fancy about the studios but they were clean and thoughtfully, though not expensively, decorated. Their outdoor space was incredible and pretty much a must have in Palm Springs where it was 80 degrees in January. We were spoiled with a beautiful pool, hot tub, games, fire pit, lounge chairs - absolutely perfect.

The other part that made the stay so delightful was it wasn't perfect. You could tell it was a refurbished space and I loved it - you could truly let your hair down and not be afraid of ruining something - which is exactly the experience I want our guests to enjoy. To have a beautiful space but one that is refreshingly imperfect.

I often look around my home and sigh and the imperfections of it. (Most people come into our home and when they see the living room they say "Wow" - looks pretty perfect to them). I see all the imperfections; chipping paint in the kitchen where we pull out the trash can - scratches in the recently refinished hard wood floors from the dogs chasing a ball or the kids sliding a hard object across the entire kitchen because it made a cool sound (happened just tonight), the laundry room which is more often than naught a landing place for all my creative projects. There is more paint on the tile floor then my husband cares to think about - not to mention the smell of dog since that's where they sleep. There are imperfections everywhere. But that's what makes it my home - the imperfections. That's what makes me me; the imperfections.

If you judge me by the above pictures you'd think I'm an amazing housekeeper & gardener. The dust and weeds are hiding but they're there.

Balin and I went to The Farm in Palm Springs 3 times in two days...why? The food was spectacular - fresh, layered flavors, beautifully presented but even more than the food the atmosphere was incredible. It was imperfectly French but with whimsy and beauty everywhere. The beauty was in the mismatched water goblets and the random cloth napkins. The chandeliers were hung in just the right spots while the wood topped tables (mismatched and worn from being in the sun) wobbled on the unleveled pavers. And plants were everywhere - flowers and jasmine and bougainvillea (I love bougainvillea). What it reminded me of was being invited into someone's home for a beautiful chat and lunch...where the people, atmosphere and food made you want to come back...every day the rest of your life.

Creating a space for people to have delightful conversations, a glass of wine on the front porch, a comfortable bed and a walk into town is my goal.

How am I doing?

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