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I'm pretty excited as we enter into 2018 that we've got 4 apartments rented until April and we've only got one project left to do; the backyard outdoor space.

It's a good reminder to keep going in Kendall Yards even though it's slow going.

Cleaning up after the roofers...could barely get out of bed the next day.

I cajoled the children out of the comfort of the house for a bike ride along the Trail of the Coeur d Alene's. They whined all the way to the trail head, but once we were out on the trail they were all grins and giggles. They both apologized individually for it and asked me to keep taking them out on adventures. Golden Parenting Moment.

Perrin all dressed up for her Speech Meet. All grade school students are required to memorize a poem, scripture, or a speech from history and then recite it in front of their class. Perrin chose Shakespeare's "All the World's a Stage" and performed it without flaw.

We gave the kids a choice this fall: partidfipate in the play, run cross country, or play golf. They chose golf and it was pretty great. We went to the golf course on the way home a couple of days a week to hit a bucket of balls and take a lesson. We rewarded ourselves when the rain started with a trip down to Arizona to practice our skills with Grandma.

We enjoyed a delightful Friendsgiving with the DeVitos from Arizona - Balin cooked his first turkey, which came out particularly good.

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