Best Skiing 60 minutes Away

Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort in Sandpoint Idaho has some of the best skiing this side of the border.

With 92 runs over 2900 acres at an elevation of 6400', those 300" of annual snowfall will be sure to please all those powder pigs and beginners alike.

My family has been going to Schweitzer for over 5 years, since we moved here from Arizona. Some years have been less than stellar, including our first year where after Jan 15th all it did was rain. That was a sad, sad, year.

Memory fades quickly as yesterday was an epic snowfall, with over 8" of fluffy white. There was "Oh Yeah Baby" being yelled from deep within the forest as both skiers and boarders found multiple stashes of PowPow. Balin and I had skipped work for the day in pursuit of those stashes, and we were not disappointed. At 12 runs and 4 hours we were pooped and ready to head down the trail towards home.

Side note: we decided to take our Model S Tesla to the slopes yesterday. The Resort has a designated Tesla charger that also gave us almost slopeside parking - for free - with free charging. Win all the way around.

Even if there isn't epic levels of fresh powder, Schweitzer is still worthy of a day in the mountains. If you're blessed with Blue Bird skies, the views can literally knock your socks off. Lake Pend Oreille (pronounced Pond er ay) sits at the base of Sandpoint surrounded by the Cabinet mountains - truly breathtaking.

As with most mountain resorts, there are plenty of other things to get you outside. The tubing hill is a favorite of the kids, especially since there is a rope tow to pull you to the top of the hill. In the nearby yurt, you can enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and hang out by the bonfire as you wait for the children to grow tired of sliding down the hill over and over and over.

One of my favorite activities is to grab the snow shoes and hike up through the Spires housing development and grab one of the many trails that Cris-cross through the forest. If you don't have snow shoes or would like a guided tour, Schweitzer's Activity Center can help you out. They rent snow shoes and often have guided tours both near the village and off of the lifts.

The best part of Schweitzer Mountain Resort is there are so few people. I've lived and played all around the world and am continually amazed how few people are in the Inland Northwest (Spokane-Northern Idaho). We would love to keep the stashes hidden, but sometimes one feels compelled to share one's secrets. Your welcome.

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